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“Your crew did a fantastic job! They were personable and professional. Now with the sloppy fruit trees and bad Spruce trees gone, I have a clean slate to create my NEW yard! Thanks for a great job!”
Chris, Minneapolis 04/18/2012

“Thank you for trimming our maple tree! You guys did a really nice job. It opened up the back yard a lot & it looks more spacious now. You also did a nice job cleaning up the branches & debris. We are pleased with the work that you did. Thank you!”
Kristin, Minneapolis 10/27/2011

“Thanks so much - the trees look great. Can’t wait to see how they continue to grow in the next years.”
Beth, Minneapolis 10/18/2011

“To Matt & all of the tree trimmers:
NICE JOB!!! My neighbors complimented your work. They told me how hard everyone worked to trim all of those pines. I agree. The yard looks much better, and I will be able to mow a lot easier without those limbs in the way. My friend & former co-worker also used your services after the North Minneapolis tornado dropped a limb on his house. I will keep you in mind if I need any future tree trimming, and would be happy to recommend your work to friends”
Cheryl, Plymouth 10/03/2011

“Thanks so much! Looks great!”
Stephanie, Minneapolis 07/20/2011

“Your employees did a good job & clean-up. I will recommend your company to family & friends, etc.”
Rochelle, Minneapolis 07/13/2011

“Hi Everyone at Matt’s Tree Service - Thanks so much for your awesome clear & friendly phone communication during our inquiry and our journey of the tree removal. We knew what to expect and why there was a delay. Both Dan & Jay called to let us know an emergency came up & that our turn would be first thing Monday morning. It was! And thanks for beating the city’s estimate by a dollar! We’re pleased with the service and with the willingness to negotiate and to communicate. We’ve got your number so we’re returning the cards for use elsewhere. Have a great summer!”
Cindra & Barry, Minneapolis 7/4/2011

“Looks good! Thank you!!!”
Jody, West St Paul 11/23/2010

“Jay & Matt - Thanks for the separate receipts... The trees look great; lots less branches in the yard,”
Anne, Columbia Heights 10/20/2010

“Thank you! Nice job,”
Jean, Edina 07/22/2010

“Matt’s Tree Service - Thank you for taking care of those stumps. We would recommend you to other people,”
Dale & Dennis, Minneapolis 04/12/2010

“Dear Matt - We were very pleased with your work. Our renegade birch has been tamed. It looks marvelous! Please use us for references of your good work if you’d like,”
Janet & Dick, Minneapolis 11/13/2008

“Great customer service. I would recommend your company to others,”
Joanne, Minneapolis 10/30/2008

“Thanks for the fast, friendly service!”
Jon, Minneapolis 05/20/2008

  • Tree Trimming - Cabling
  • Tree Removal - Stump Grinding
  • Pruning
  • Trees Down - Fallen Limbs
  • Certified Arborist on Staff
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