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  • Professional Tree Care Matt’s Tree Service, Inc. is a dedicated team of individuals striving to perfect the art of arboriculture specializing in trimming, removal or treatment solutions for residential and commercial tree care
  • Residential Tree Service Providing many services that you can rely on for preserving and maintaining your property’s tree growth.
  • Tree Trimming Removal of damaged, diseased, and dead limbs will significantly contribute to the health and structure of the tree.
  • Tree Removal Removals are recommended for trees in decline or those severely damaged by lightning, wind, or pests
  • Emergency Tree Removal / Storm Damage After weather-related events, we can remove storm-damaged trees within 48 hours
  • Tree Disposal All of the material we remove is disposed in a manner consistent with our pledge to be good stewards of our environment.
  • Tree Treatment Offering a variety of treatments for a variety of common tree ailments. Treatments for Dutch Elm Disease, Emerald Ash Borer, apple scab, tent caterpillars, and many more.
  • Stump Removal Offering options for stump grinding after a tree removal.
  • Commercial Tree Care Fully licensed and insured, we work with many contractors, private companies, churches, synagogues, local and federal governments for commercial property needs.
  • Diseased Trees We careful examination the problem and determine if the malody is caused by Insects or disease that is threatening a tree’s health.
  • Dutch Elm Disease We test and determine best course of action to prevent the spread and possibly save your Dutch Elm.
  • Emerald Ash Borer We follow strict guidelines for the detection of the pest and destruction of affected trees.
  • Birch Trees and Bronze Birch Borer Pest that causes smaller Branches, leaves and eventually the possible death of your Birch Tree.
  • Leaf Miner Insects that get between the upper and lower surfaces of a leaf. They feed on the leaf tissue inside of the leaf causing brown blotches. Affected trees are: Oaks, Hawthorns and Birches
  • Apple Scab Scab infections begin on leaves and eventually infecting fruit causing it to deformed and often cracking open.
  • Oak Wilt Affecting Oak types at different rates. Oaks in the red oak group may die in two weeks following the first symptoms
  • Insects Maladies and Tent Caterpillars Chewing insects that feed on needles and leafs.
  • After Tree Removal After your tree has been removed... What Next?
  • Determining a Replacement Tree Information on thoughts about replacement and consideration of planting a new tree.
  • Tree Planting Guidelines Basic outline for planting a tree properly to ensure the best start and ability to grow to it's maximum potential.
  • Tree Trimming News Trimming Your Tree into Health.
  • Tree Pruning News The Science Behind Pruning Trees.
  • Healthy Tree News The Benefits of Trees.
  • Tree Care Testimonials on Matt’s Tree Service “We would recommend you to other people”
  • Contact Matt’s Tree Service Services for Tree Trimming, Cabling, Removal, Treatment and Grinding.

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